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Protecting our Source Water

Protecting lake or ground water used for drinking by taking action to reduce contamination threats.

Protecting our Source Water

Why do we protect our source water?

  • Reduces risks to source water quality
  • Adds protective barrier
  • Treatment may not rid water of all contaminant threats
  • Costs less to protect water at the source than correct a problem later

What can you do to help?

  • Dispose of hazardous household wastes properly
  • Use salt free alternatives for melting snow and ice
  • Fertilize your outdoor plants lightly, or not at all, if you live close to open water or a well
  • Use a professional car wash or wash your car on the lawn using biodegradable soaps
  • Use proper containers and equipment so that gas does not spill when fuelling up boats, lawn mowers, etc.

What is the Multi-Barrier Approach?

To ensure that our drinking water is safe we use the Multi-Barrier Approach, a system of procedures, processes and tools. The five parts of the Multi-Barrier Approach also help to protect our water supply into the future.

The Multi-Barrier Approach

  1. Source Water Protection – Protecting lake or ground water used for drinking by taking action to reduce contamination threats. This approach can also reduce the amount of treatment required to clean the water.
  2. Water Treatment Back-up – Water treatment systems are designed with back-ups at all stages.
  3. Secure Water Supply Network – Ensuring network integrity and chlorine levels are sufficient to protect the water from contaminant threats while it travels to the furthest downstream user.
  4. Sampling and Monitoring programs – Monitoring water quality at the source, the treatment plants, and throughout the town to ensure that the drinking water from all taps is safe.
  5. Prepared Response Plan – Having a detailed plan for responding to water quality issues found despite all of the other barriers.

Our Water Treatment and Supply

We’re Accredited!

InnServices has been granted Accreditation to the Drinking Water Quality Management Standard.

The Drinking Water Quality Management System (QMS) is a system mandated by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment, to guide municipalities to use an effective approach to maintaining water quality. The system requires municipalities to create processes and documented procedures that are maintained and continually improved.

InnServices, through the Drinking Water QMS Policy has made commitments to:
  • Provide clean, safe drinking water;
  • Comply with all applicable legislation and regulations;
  • Maintain, and continually improve upon, the Drinking Water QMS.
Benefits from the Drinking Water QMS are:
  • Greater efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Consistent task completion and recordkeeping practices;
  • Prepared responses to possible water quality risks to ensure a safe water supply;
  • Roles and responsibilities that are clearly defined and documented; and, Regular updates to the Town of Innisfil Council.