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InnServices Master Servicing Plan

The Town of Innisfil’s Master Servicing Plan was created in 2012 and updated in 2018 to identify current and future water and wastewater servicing needs.

InnServices Master Servicing Plan 2023 Update

InnServices, the Water and Wastewater Utility for the Town of Innisfil, is undertaking a Town-wide Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan (MSP) Update on Innisfil’s behalf. The 2023 MSP Update is being prepared in accordance with the requirements of the MEA Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) for Master Plans.

The 2023 MSP Update will identify sustainable water and wastewater servicing solutions to accommodate Innisfil’s growth up to 2051, while continuing to improve servicing to Innisfil’s existing residents, businesses, and institutions.

Innisfil’s growth will be confirmed in consultation with the Town and following the Official Plan, OP Amendments No. 1 to 4, Orbit Master Plan, Civic Campus Master Plan, and RVH South Campus Master Plan.

Water and wastewater servicing solutions are designed to be financially, socially and environmentally sustainable, meeting Innisfil’s potable water and sewage servicing needs for the long term.

Interested parties are encouraged to continue to visit this 2023 MSP Update webpage to stay up to date on project updates, notices of public consultation and shared study material.

The Notice of Study Commencement was issued on May 18, 2023

Public Information Centre No.1 was held on August 9, 2023. The presentation slides can be viewed below.

Public Information Centre Presentation

Public Information Centre No. 2 was held on April 24, 2024, the presentation slides can be viewed below.

Public Information Centre Presentation

PIC#2 comment deadline has passed and all comments will now be evaluated and responded to.

Project Contacts

Sean Fahey, C.E.T.
Capital Project Manager
InnServices Utilities Inc.

Emma Cabrera-Aragon, B. Eng.
Deputy Project Manager
R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

While we continue preparing the 2023 MSP update, the 2018 MSP can be viewed here.